Successfull Casees - by Gundula Czappek - INBTI Austria

Successfull Casees - by Gundula Czappek - INBTI Austria

8 Kilometer Mantrailspur vom Autositz mit angezeigtem Spurende Rettungshund Amor vom Samariterbund Tirol unterstützt erfolgreich großangelegte Suchaktion in Brandenberg, Kaiserklamm. Bereits seit 20 Stunden galt ein 25-jähriger ungarischer Wanderer aus…
Successfull Case - Supported by Gundula Czappek - INBTI Austria

Successfull Case - Supported by Gundula Czappek - INBTI Austria

Mantrailrettungshund Samariterbund Tirol unterstützt erfolgreiche Suchaktion Vermisstensuche mit glücklichem Ausgang in Kramsach Über die Leitstelle Tirol erfolgte per Pager aufgrund der Anforderung des Einsatzleiters der Alpinpolizei eine Alarmierung für ein…
Gundula Czappek - Austria

Gundula Czappek - Austria

INBTI Instructor Gundula Czappek from Austria wrote about a successfull Case with her new INBTI K-9 Amor:   On February 25th Gerhard, I and my dog Amor were succesful trailing…
Track & Trail Search and Rescue, Pennsylvania

Track & Trail Search and Rescue, Pennsylvania

I wanted to take a moment to share a brief recap of my team’s searches over the course of the past year where we actually got paws on ground as…
Alzheimer  victim located

Alzheimer victim located

Switzerland Police Officer (Cantone Basle - County) / INBTI Assistant Instructor Andreas Burch helped save a life.. He was requested by the French police (Alsace region) to search for a…

Tips for seminars

Equipment and Tips for Seminars


K-9 Teams:

  • Harnes
  • Leash, 5 to 7 meter, leather, Biothane or textile, dont use some with rubber grip
  • Collar
  • Treats for your dog
  • Toys to use with your dog to play after work
  • small bags (several Sizes) maybe with zip
  • Car kennel (dogs need mostly to stay in car between exercises)
  • Fresh water an bowl
  • Clothes for every weather (we work outdoor, so take also rain clouthes with you), also some boots for walking throug water
  • Dont feed your dog in the morning right befor start working.



  • clothes suitable in urban an rural environments, raincoat, boots for water
  • Observer are active in exercises to learn work as traillayer, reward dog and more. 
  • Learning to be a good actor is basic to be a good doghandler.





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