Successfull Case - Supported by Gundula Czappek - INBTI Austria

Mantrailrettungshund Samariterbund Tirol unterstützt erfolgreiche Suchaktion

Vermisstensuche mit glücklichem Ausgang in Kramsach

Gundula Czappek SuccessÜber die Leitstelle Tirol erfolgte per Pager aufgrund der Anforderung des Einsatzleiters der Alpinpolizei eine Alarmierung für ein Mantrailrettungshundeteam des Samariterbundes im Großraum Kramsach.

Bereits seit über 24 Stunden galt eine Person als vermisst. Ohne Probleme startete der Mantrailrettungshund im Beisein der Exekutive im vorderen Eingangsbereich des Wohnhauses und trailte eine geschlossene Spur, die beständig mit der Einsatzleitung besprochen und aufgezeichnet wurde. Aufgrund neuer Informationen über eine Sichtung sollte der Rettungshund dann weiter vorne angesetzt werden. Während des Prescent wurde der Leitstelle ein Notfall gemeldet, bei dem es sich um die gesuchte Person handelte, die der Rettungsdienst übernahm.

Im Einsatz standen Alpinpolizei, Polizei, Polizeihundeführer, Libelle Tirol, Bergrettung Kramsach, Alpbach und Jenbach, Feuerwehr Kramsach, Bergwacht, Rettungsdienst RD Tirol und Krisenintervention Samariterbund.

Der Samariterbund bedankt sich bei allen beteiligten Einsatzkräften für die Alarmierung, sowie professionelle und kameradschaftliche Zusammenarbeit vor Ort und freut sich über den guten Ausgang der Suchaktion.

Mantrailrettungshund Samariterbund Tirol supports successful search operation

Missing search with happy ending in Kramsach

Gundula Czappek Success2On the basis of the request of the head of the alpine police, an alert was sent to the Pager via the control center in Tyrol for a mantrailing rescue team of the Arbeiter Samaritabund  in the greater Kramsach area.

For more than 24 hours, one person was missing. Without any problems, the mantra rescue dog, in the presence of the executive, started in the front entrance of the house, following a closed lane that was constantly discussed and recorded with the operations management. Due to new information about a sighting, the rescue dog should then be placed ahead. During the Prescent, an emergency was reported to the control center, which was the person sought by the ambulance service.

In action were alpine police, police, police dog handler, dragonfly Tyrol, mountain rescue Kramsach, Alpbach and Jenbach, fire Kramsach, mountain rescue, rescue service RD Tyrol and crisis intervention Samariterbund.

The Samaritabund would like to thank all participating forces for the alert, as well as professional and comradely cooperation on site and is pleased with the good outcome of the search operation.


Gundula Czappek - Austria

INBTI Instructor Gundula Czappek from Austria wrote about a successfull Case with her new INBTI K-9 Amor:


Amor Mantrailer SAMA IMG 2738
On February 25th Gerhard, I and my dog Amor were succesful trailing a real tragic case in Tirol/ Mayrhofen. In the middle oft he night our dispatch center Leitstelle Tirol was alarming our mantrailteam Rettungshundestaffel Samariterbund Tirol searching for a 83 years old man missing from home.

We started 7 hours old cold trail without any problems in  the cellar oft he house, village, cart roads, main road, ungated railroad crossing….clear ending about two kilometers nearby the river Ziller. We discussed the result and the „view oft he map“ of our trail with the operational command. Yesterday

the missed man was found in the river Inn.

God bless his soul and his familly! So sorry we couldn´t help himself but his family now knows about his hard fate.


Track & Trail Search and Rescue, Pennsylvania

I wanted to take a moment to share a brief recap of my team’s searches over the course of the past year where we actually got paws on ground as we say. All of the trailing dogs on our team are trained in the Kocher method and certified by INBTI.

First case was last July when we were requested to assist in the search for a missing female. The subject was trailed from a remote location at a cell tower to a convenience store nearby where the dog gave a vehicle pickup ID. The subject was later found to have been picked up by a friend at this location.

In November we assisted in locating a missing hunter. The dogs were trailing the subject when the search was called for the night for unsafe conditions. Early next morning ground teams were dispatched in the direction the dogs were heading. Meanwhile another dog team was sent to different area where a possible article of the subject was located. The dog team determined that the article found was not the subject’s and gave a negative ID. The ground team located the missing hunter in the area the first dogs teams where trailing towards.

Early March 2015 the team responded to a call of a missing elderly man. A trail in the snow was discovered and thought to be the subject’s. After procuring a scent article from the man’s home, a dog was scented up in the trail’s vicinity which the dog then took. The dog team trailed the subject to a flooded river’s edge. The subject’s body was recovered after the flooding subsided 3 weeks later 7 miles downstream.

In June team members assisted law enforcement in trailing two juvenile individuals from a stolen vehicle to a cabin then on through the woods. Articles that the juveniles were alleged to have also stolen were located along the trail. The search was called off by LE within half a mile of where a second vehicle was stolen.

A few weeks ago, the team was called out to confirm that an individual had fallen in a pond. Scent was taken from the individual’s truck door handle. Two dogs separately trailed the individual down a steep bank to give their ID at the pond’s edge. Police later reported that the subject’s body was located in the deep water directly below the spot the dogs identified.

To anyone who would doubt the Kocher method, I offer up these results. From vehicle pickups, to negatives, to casting for trails, or providing direction of travel, our team has been able to provide a service that greatly benefits our community.


Alzheimer victim located

Switzerland Police Officer (Cantone Basle - County) / INBTI Assistant Instructor Andreas Burch helped save a life.. He was requested by the French police (Alsace region) to search for a 73 -year-old person with Alzheimer's who had been missing for 24 hours. Andreas and K9 Nestor found the missing person slightly injured but still alive ! 



DUI Driver flees from accident - Officer Drewitz

  Officer Drewitz got a phone call from a deputy who said he was on a call that was 30 minutes old where a guy crashed his car in the ditch off the Interstate.  When a passer-by stopped to check his welfare, he took off running into a farm field.  Officer Drewitz got to the scene and the officers on scene didn't really check the area for the guy and never officially called for a K9.

"The deputy who called me knows I like to track so he called and said "but the guys car is locked."  I got there and now the track was about 45-60 minutes old and put a gauze pad in the drivers door jam and then after it sat for a while I put it on the ground in front of the car where he was seen running and did the pre-track ritual and ... picked it up right away.  He tracked to the farm field and through a tree line to a place called Apple Holler which is a seasonal type activity place for kids, like pumpin and apple picking type place.  Anyway he tracked up to an open door to the restaurant on the property where some employees were cooking.  I stopped him short of entering the building and we asked the employees if they saw the guy and they all said "no."  So I took the dog back to where I knew he was on the track and put the gauze on the ground and did the pre-track ritual again and he again pulled to the open door where they were cooking.  So I advised we chack all the outbuildings."

 Anyway as the officers were checking the buildings the driver emerges from the apple orchard close to where the dog tracked to the open door. The driver was drunk carrying drugs but gave up with little resistance to the officers