Successful Finds in Spain and Andorra

Successful Finds in Spain and Andorra

 Last week two colleagues who train with INBTI Instructors from Spain have participated in two searches giving information and finding the missing person with their trailing dogs. Last Tuesday Roger,…
Successfull Casees - by Gundula Czappek - INBTI Austria

Successfull Casees - by Gundula Czappek - INBTI Austria

8 Kilometer Mantrailspur vom Autositz mit angezeigtem Spurende Rettungshund Amor vom Samariterbund Tirol unterstützt erfolgreich großangelegte Suchaktion in Brandenberg, Kaiserklamm. Bereits seit 20 Stunden galt ein 25-jähriger ungarischer Wanderer aus…
Successfull Case - Supported by Gundula Czappek - INBTI Austria

Successfull Case - Supported by Gundula Czappek - INBTI Austria

Mantrailrettungshund Samariterbund Tirol unterstützt erfolgreiche Suchaktion Vermisstensuche mit glücklichem Ausgang in Kramsach Über die Leitstelle Tirol erfolgte per Pager aufgrund der Anforderung des Einsatzleiters der Alpinpolizei eine Alarmierung für ein…
Gundula Czappek - Austria

Gundula Czappek - Austria

INBTI Instructor Gundula Czappek from Austria wrote about a successfull Case with her new INBTI K-9 Amor:   On February 25th Gerhard, I and my dog Amor were succesful trailing…
Track & Trail Search and Rescue, Pennsylvania

Track & Trail Search and Rescue, Pennsylvania

I wanted to take a moment to share a brief recap of my team’s searches over the course of the past year where we actually got paws on ground as…

Deutsche Bücher

Deutsche Bücher:

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Kevin John Kocher

INBTI Family,

KevinIt is with intense grieve that I share with you my Dad has gone home to be with the Lord. He cared deeply for each and every one of you. I know you share in my devastation and I wish I could personally be there for you all.

He spent his last few days surrounded by his kids, nephew, grandchildren and wife. I was blessed to have him hold my hand as a little girl, through my life and to be able to hold his hand at the end of his life.

My Dad would not want us to grieve his body but to celebrate his freedom from it. MS took my Dads life but he will live on through his book and each of you. MS crippled my Dad but it strengthened thousands of dog teams world wide. Thank you Dad for everything gave so selflessly.

A man that gave so much deserves a legacy that transcends through generations. Please carry on my Dads legacy with the same honor and integrity that it was shared with you.

- Opal Kocher

The Kocher Method brings additional K9 to Sheriffs department

INBTI Instructor and Pittslyvania County Va Sheriffs Deputy and K9 handler Mike Szelc has been so successful on searches with his K9 partner using The Kocher Method that the department is bringing on another mantrailing team! 


"K9 handler, Sgt. Mike Szelc told ABC 13, over the past six years his two dogs have made 76 finds. Many of those were missing and endangered people."

Benefit to Italy

To support the victims of the earthquake in Italy, INBTI Instructors will host "Days of Dog Training" benefit.
A $25 or (20,- €) donation is required to participate in the training benefit.  All proceeds will go to Italian relief efforts and the victims of the earthquake.

INBTI and the Instructors will take NO fee.  Donations will be accepted via paypal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and will go to the below.

IBAN: IT16P0306914602000003001032
CAUSALE: Terremoto Amatrice Accumuli

Attention: on some Seminars, fee will be collected and sent as one. So please read the Flyers.


For a 'Day of Dog Training' Benefit please see below:

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