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 Periodically, history is punctuated by events that change the course of  history for all time.

The release of "How to Train a Police Bloodhound and Scent Discriminating Patrol Dog: The Kocher Method" by  Kevin and Robin Monroe Kocher is one such point in time--operational  mantrailing will be forever changed.

The operational mantrailing community has been struggling for years to break from "old school" training techniques of sport tracking for which texts are plentiful but describe techniques and expectations that are wholly inadequate for the operational handler.

The Kocher's book is the first textbook  aimed at the operational patrol and search and rescue (SAR) handler that provides a comprehensive training program with techniques, performance, expectations and solutions to training through difficulties.

To order the book please contact  INBTI-InterNational Bloodhound Training Institute | Facebook

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Update 2024:

Currently in the European Union (EU) The Kocher Method Book can be official orderd from the Assosiation Traildogs Europe.
Please accept, this assosiaton does not sell the book directly, but they organice the shipping from US and delivering to EU-Countries.

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Update 2021:

Currently English, German, Spanish and Hungarian books are available, please send a message to the INBTI-InterNational Bloodhound Training Institute Facebook page for ordering information.   

 INBTI-InterNational Bloodhound Training Institute | Facebook

Read Any Trailing or Tracking Dog  by Understanding Negative Indications

One of the most important parts of becoming a K9 handler is understanding the Negative Indications of your dog.

Every breed displays the same indications while trailing.

Kevin Kocher was the first to recognize this behavior and describe it in his free booklet Read Any Trailing or Tracking Dog  by Understanding Negative Indications.

To read about negative indications Read Any Trailing or Tracking Dog  by Understanding Negative Indications please click  booklett,