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INBTI Provides many Instructors over the world.
Sometimes its necessary to provide low cost Seminars for SAR or other Forces in poor countries.
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Negative Indications

"Read Any Trailing or Tracking Dog  by Understanding Negative Indications"

One of the most important parts of becoming a K9 handler is understanding the Negative Indications of your dog.

Every breed displays the same indications while trailing.

Kevin Kocher was the first to recognize this behavior and describe it in his free booklet "Read Any Trailing or Tracking Dog  by Understanding Negative Indications."

If you want to use this knowledge to become a better Mantrailer, you can download and read it.

This booklet is under copyright. If you want to share it, feel free to target this page.


Booklet Negative Indications english


Libretto indicazioni “sul negativo”


Broschüre Negative Indicationen deutsch

Tips for seminars

Equipment and Tips for Seminars


K-9 Teams:

  • Harnes
  • Leash, 5 to 7 meter, leather, Biothane or textile, dont use some with rubber grip
  • Collar
  • Treats for your dog
  • Toys to use with your dog to play after work
  • small bags (several Sizes) maybe with zip
  • Car kennel (dogs need mostly to stay in car between exercises)
  • Fresh water an bowl
  • Clothes for every weather (we work outdoor, so take also rain clouthes with you), also some boots for walking throug water
  • Dont feed your dog in the morning right befor start working.



  • clothes suitable in urban an rural environments, raincoat, boots for water
  • Observer are active in exercises to learn work as traillayer, reward dog and more. 
  • Learning to be a good actor is basic to be a good doghandler.





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