Nov. 29th at about 8:10 pm I tracked a theft/ suicidal subject in the Village of Waterford. Subject left the residence in an unknown direction. Upon my arrival someone indicated they thought they saw him take the bike trail to the south and by this time the track was about 40-60 minutes old with the temp being 45 degrees. I used a pair of "well seasoned" works boots this guy wore on a regular basis as the scent article. Friday picked up the trail going south on the bike trail up to Main St. As I was tracking we got info. that the subject may have been at the local Walgreens. When we got to Main St. Friday took a left and started headig east on Main St, the direction to the Walgreens. Friday tracked down the sidewalk, across a 4 lane busy highway then toward the Walgreens. As we came up to the driveway entrance to the Walgreens he snapped his head to the right and air scented the guy who was laying on the ground on the edge of the field across the street. I couldn't see the guy and Friday was pulling like crazy towards the field. So I just started giving commands to the guy to show his hands and then he stood up and surrendered. He must have been watching us the entire time, wonder what he was thinking when he saw Friday tracking across the highway coming in his direction  Total length of the track was 1 mile and covered the crushed gravel bike trail that was mushy and snow ice, and water covered and then onto the sidewalk and road surfaces