I responded to 2060 Allen Blvd in the City of Middleton for the track. The suspect had already been identified as a subject with felony warrants and a violent history with police. He had stolen a vehicle in the City of Madison and the vehicle was recovered at this location. Officers attempted contact at the apartment building but he ran out a back door and into a wooded area that separated the apartment complex from University Ave.

I brought Tonto to the starting point and started the track. It went into the wooded area approximately 50 yrds to the south then approached a business on University Ave. Tonto initially turned left and continued to the east side of the building. Tonto then showed a negative. I've been working on taking 3 steps back when he shows a negative which I did. Tonto circled around then attempted to go back east. I trusted his initial negative and didn't move forward. He then circled back and headed west. As we continued along to the west end of the building Tonto performed a down indication. He had found a winter hat the suspect had dropped! We then continued the track to the west and back into the wooded area. The track continued approximately 40 yrds from this location until Tonto's behavior changed and he began posturing and pulling more aggressively. I looked up and saw the suspect lying in the snow behind a tree about 20 feet away. Tonto had taken me right to him! I gave the subject commands to roll onto his stomach with his hands behind his back. He immediately complied. Backup took him into custody.