INBTI Instructor Gundula Czappek from Austria wrote about a successfull Case with her new INBTI K-9 Amor:


Amor Mantrailer SAMA IMG 2738
On February 25th Gerhard, I and my dog Amor were succesful trailing a real tragic case in Tirol/ Mayrhofen. In the middle oft he night our dispatch center Leitstelle Tirol was alarming our mantrailteam Rettungshundestaffel Samariterbund Tirol searching for a 83 years old man missing from home.

We started 7 hours old cold trail without any problems in  the cellar oft he house, village, cart roads, main road, ungated railroad crossing….clear ending about two kilometers nearby the river Ziller. We discussed the result and the „view oft he map“ of our trail with the operational command. Yesterday

the missed man was found in the river Inn.

God bless his soul and his familly! So sorry we couldn´t help himself but his family now knows about his hard fate.