inbti success spain andorra 2019Last week two colleagues who train with INBTI Instructors from Spain have participated in two searches giving information and finding the missing person with their trailing dogs.

Last Tuesday Roger, Andorra policeman and his German Shepherd Carter followed the trail of an escaped prisoner and because of this work their colleagues could locate the man and arrest him. This is a link to the article that was published in the newspaper (In Catalan):

And last Saturday Andreu, firefighter and a member of the Canine Unit of the Catalan Firefighters with his Labrador Xot followed the trail of a missing man that had been lost for 6 or 7 hours and managed to find him safe and sound in the woods. This is the link to the tweet with the news (also in Catalan):

Spezial thanks to Inbti Instructors Ernest Capdevila and MÒNICA DÍAZ TRIAS for the work in background to help other doghandlers to become better.

Monika Diaz Triaz: "There are no words to describe the emotions Ernest Cap and myself felt when we were informed about the news. This is the reason why we work hard every day. This is the reason why we travel, learn and train.

I wont “sell” the Kocher Method but… heck… things speak for themselves…

... ... and we have just begun!!! There are many groups all over Spain that trust the training of their trailing dogs to us and that in a year or so will become essential in the real searches where they will participate.

We couldn’t be more proud of these teams and their hard work and constant training. We are especially happy that they have decided to trust in this Method, following it without any doubt, believing that Kevin Kocher’s method, followed by thousands of dog handlers all over the world, could be the right one for their job.

Thanks to the INBTI for putting their trust in Ernest Capdevila and myself to teach the Kocher Method.

And of course the biggest and most heartfelt thanks to Kevin Kocher for being our mentor and inspiration with his professionalism, dedication, tenacity, and passion. We know he’s always beside us.

And now... back to training!!!

And remember that the secret is…. K9 TRAINING WITH INTENSITIES!!"