INBTI Vice President and Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office K9 Handler Sgt. Michael Szelc.

On Wednesday, 6/2/2021 a mutual aid request for K9 assistance was made from a neighboring county. We were utilized for an investigative trail to be ran involving a homicide that had occurred on Monday, 5/31/2021 at 10 p.m. A cell phone with incriminating evidence had been recovered in a small patch of vegetation across the street where shots were fired from. The cell phone was collected and bagged by a Detective on scene and awaited our arrival.

Using the bagged scent article and placing it in the area found, it was presented to the K9. The officer that had collected it was also present so Zwei could eliminate his scent and find the missing. Zwei advanced a trail that led alongside a roadway and across several properties before entering a small walking trail in a wooded area before crossing back over the road and led behind a house and to the adjoining property where he led onto the front porch of a residence. Zwei left the porch and led a short distance from the driveway before giving a Negative alert. It was later confirmed the porch we led to was that of the owner of the cell phone and that prior to us getting there this suspect had left in a car . This has been an incredible journey, witnessing the things the dogs can accomplish using the Kocher Method does not cease to amaze me.