Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office K9 Handler Cpl. Adam Reynolds.

On 8/19/2021 a call was received reporting that a subject had abducted, strangled, and assaulted his mother during a domestic altercation. The subject in question had left in his vehicle prior to Deputies arriving on scene. While responding a Deputy spotted the vehicle and subject before attempting to pull him over. A pursuit was initiated. Due to high speeds and weather the pursuit was terminated so not to endanger innocent lives. A short while later, the subjects vehicle was located at a dead end road with no one occupying it. The subject had left undetected. Cpl. A. Reynolds deployed K9 Ruger cast the area surrounding the vehicle before presenting the interior of the vehicle. Ruger committed and advanced the trail around the front of the vehicle and into a wooded area. The subject was located laying prone within heavy vegetation and taken into custody. The subject later told Deputies that he attempted to throw the dog off by throwing miscellaneous items with his scent on them so he could further elude. Ruger remained on target and led directly to him. Well done AB, this team continues to amaze me.