Reported by INBTI Vice President Michael Szelc

Deputy Steve Hairston of the Pittsylvania County Sheriffs Office has been added to our TEAM as another Bloodhound. Joker is from Boerners bloodhounds and we got him last May at 8 weeks old. Steve and Joker have been hard at it learning TKM. On April 8, 2022 This TEAM was tested and passed certification with NAPWDA and VPWDA. On 4/10/2022 Steve was called upon to run his first trail in search of a man that was violating a protective order. When Deputies responded the male subject fled from the scene. Steve presented Joker with a scent article he obtained from the home. Joker immediately pulled through the backyard to a barn, the trail was paused so the barn could be cleared. When the trail continued Joker pulled hard up a hill and into a wooded area, at times Steve had to crawl through the thick vegetation before leading out into a ditch line where Joker was no longer pulling but was seen jumping up and down . Steve than realized Joker was jumping up and down on the man who was laying down. This TEAM has been a welcomed addition to us and what a testament to TKM. Steve was able to convey the story Joker was telling through the lead and have a successful track. I wish them all the success in the world and look forward to their future.