INBTI Vice President and Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office K9 Handler Sgt. Michael Szelc.
On 8/29/22 I was dispatched to a location where a subject with Felony warrants out of another jurisdiction and warrants on file for us, ran into a wooded area after Officers responded to a 911 call. I obtained a scent article from within the trailer and presented it to L.E. In the area he was last seen. She immediately advanced a trail leading into heavy vegetation. Working in an area the man has frequented, I could tell when she was working out hottest trail. Once worked out the pace increased, the pull was stronger, and her nose stayed buried to the ground. I turned around and told my cover Officer, “Its' on now!” After approximately a mile I saw the subject pop his head up, after commands were given, he took off running. L.E. Continued the trail which led to the apprehension of the wanted subject.
TKM teaches us how to understand the behaviors the dog exhibits while trailing. If we train correctly, we will encounter these behaviors and understand how to recognize them and how to react. There is only one way to do this. You know what I believe in.