The slogan of INBTI and TKM is "always strengthen your foundation - K9 training with INTENSITIES." It was chosen because it best represents in a few short words so much of what we as an organization try to impress on the K9 training community internationally. I'd like to take a moment to break this down for you all so I can impart some very important attributes that we need to remember.

"Always strengthen your foundation - K9 training with INTENSITIES"

Remember that YOUR SUCCESS as a K9 team is measured by the 'strength of your foundation' and NOT by the age, length, or complexity of your training. The success of INBTI as an organization, TKM as a method and as K9 teams individually are a direct result of our belief in this as our foundation. Our successes are a direct result of this having always been our mentality. We learned this from a man, Kevin John Kocher, who has contributed more than any other single person to Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue and the communities they serve...and yet he has and will always refer to himself as 'a simple dog handler.' Being 'a simple dog handler' and keeping true to that mentality was what set him apart and now sets all of us apart from the rest of the K9 training community. Your training should be a reflection, a mirror, of this mentality.

Please ask yourselves...'Am I a simple dog handler?'

-Opal Kocher

President, INBTI