Steve Row Testimonial

Hi Kevin
Just wanted to let you know that one of your instructors, Steve Row, came to Pittsburgh area last weekend to train 8 of us for the two days. All of us were thrilled when the training was over. Steve's knowledge and enthusiasm set us on fire. I got your book last year and had referenced it many times over the year, but having Steve explain in words, and then demo the techniques, really helped drive the method home. All of us came away from the training with ideas to put in practice and are excited to work more. We definitely want Steve to return, and he was gracious enough to invite us out to his area to train with him. So more plans are in the works. Thanks again. Steve did an amazing job. Mitch Merkel came with him to help out, don't know if you know him or not, but he did a great job helping Steve.
We will be putting a lot of your ideas into practice. Take care, hope all is well with you.
Ed Barr