A Message From The Founder

Mr. Kevin John Kocher

I started out being excited every time a dog handler contacted me and asked permission to translate the book into another language. I’m    not sure how to write this but I’m not excited anymore I’m humbled. I wrote it from my heart trying to reach out and offer help. The book is starting to be translated into yet another language ... It is numbing to think how INBTI is impacting the world. I can’t thank the handlers enough that have voluntarily taken the burden of translating the book so others may learn. … decades from now when someone buys “our” book your picture and the page will still be there honoring your unselfishness. Cynthia who continues to ensure the new translations correspond correctly and are ready to be published I can’t thank enough. What a blessing to have God place you in my life!

I say INBTI because without you the impact would have never happened. From every dog handler that runs an intensity trail to strengthen a foundation to our instructors that have given so much without regard to finical gain indeed a lot of times at a loss. Should we as INBTI since we have so much to be thankful for be satisfied … “NO” because one day in a country we will never visit a handler that receives your knowledge …will be the one that saves a life or is a police officer that captures a criminal that would do someone harm! What a great thing for all of us who has shared to forever be a part of!!

I will never be able thank everyone who wears our emblem, that by seeing it causes someone to research our philosophy and understand. We are still misunderstood by different organizations they continue to feel threatened by us. When we do not want to steal their members but only want to help them become successful. I’m just not sure how to reassure them? I can tell you around a large portion of the world within different organizations there are dog handlers that occasionally wear INBTI’s emblem that identifies them with you. We are everyplace I think we are strong enough now that our philosophy will always be there long after I’m gone. Thank you for helping build something that will always have a positive impact on the world.

I use to wonder why the lord allowed me to be inflicted with MS when I felt like I was on the verge of understanding so much more about my dogs. That understanding is waiting for one of you to find! I think now the MS was a blessing in disguise or small price to pay … it gave me the time to help so many understand instead of selfishly just continuing to work my own dogs for personal satisfaction.