Jackie De Sousa

Jackie De Sousa
Category: Team Africa
INBTI-Operator: Instructor
training provided: mantrailing
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country: South Africa


• 2008: Diploma in Counselling
• 2009 Postgraduate Certificate in Functional Therapy
• 2010: Pastoral Therapy – Trauma Counselling
• 2010: Clinical Therapy in Substance Abuse
• 2012: DH1-DH5 (DH e.g. Dog Handling)
• 2013: Assessor & Moderator SASSETA
• 2015: Management in Kidnapping and Extortion Incidents
• 2016: Assistant Instructor INBTI
• 2016: Alpha K9 Randy Hare – On Target Detection
• 2017: Lost Person Behaviour
• 2017: RPL for DH1-DH5 Genesis K9
• 2019: Instructor INBTI

Professional experience/ Work History:
• 2007 – Present: Volunteer Trauma Counsellor
• 2010 – 2014: Privat Security Company, Western Cape: Kennel Master and Assistant Instructor for Guard, Patrol, Tracking and Detection Dogs
• 2014 - 2017: Private Security Company, Western Cape: Kennel Master and Instructor for Guard, Patrol, Tracking and Detection Dogs
• 2016 – 2018: Assistant Instructor INBTI
• 2017 – Present: Member of and Instructor for K9SARA
• 2018 – Present: Own Company: Detection Hut: Specializing in Detection and Trailing
• 2018 – Present: Montigny K9 Academy, ESwatini: Head Instructor; Man-Trailing using Kocher Method and Detection Dogs using Hare Method
• 2019 – Instructor INBTI

Instructor Bio/testimonial:

Isaac Newton said: “Nature is pleased with simplicity and nature is no dummy”.

The Kocher Method teaches us to not over complicate things. It is magnificent in its simplicity, and in it, there is only truth to be found, leaving us to discover what we can do without. Its simplicity composes the most beautiful symphony between the task at hand, the dog and the handler.

Above all TKM teaches us to humble ourselves… may we continue to be wise and humble in how we apply it.

Thank you Mr Kocher