Michael Capazorio

Michael Capazorio
Category: Team Africa
INBTI-Operator: Assistant Instructor
training provided: Mantrailing
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country: South Africa


Michael Capazorio

Assistant Instructor INBTI

South Africa

Canine Behavior and Training Instructor

K9SARA 2019-2020

INBTI Seminar 2019

INBTI Seminar 2021

Psira grade B

DH 2 (dog handler)

Self-employed (Tame The Beast – Behavior and training)

I have tried and tested the method with numerous different dogs - ages, breeds and sizes, the dogs all excel as it is such a natural and positive way for the dogs to train, building teamwork between handler and dog, a bond based on trust and learning to effectively communicate and understand your canine partner can make the world of difference in the outcome of a trail. I would love to share my Knowledge on the Kocher method with k9 teams around the world, so they to can get the best out of their canine partners and ensure successful missions.