Andreas Burch

 Andreas Burch
Category: Team Europe
INBTI-Operator: Instructor
Company: Police Officer SAR
training provided: Law Enforcement, Mantrailing
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country: Switzerland


Andreas Burch

Instructor INBTI

Police/SAR Mantrailer


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• Apprenticeship and qualification as automotive-electrician

• Swiss Army Officer – Military working dogs

• Police education – multiple specialties (including 2+ years education for a Police Dog-Trainer with Schutzhund and Mantrailing)



• October 2015 – INBTI Advanced Workshop

• March 2015 -  Police dogs’ Day • March 2015 – INBTI Mantrailing Workshop

• May 2014 - INBTI Workshop with INBTI President Kevin John Kocher

• June 2013 – INBTI Workshop with INBTI President Kevin John Kocher

• 2013 - Police Certification of K9 Nestor (Bavarian Mountain Dog)

• 2013 - K9 Nestor (Bavarian Mountain Dog) is certified along the Swiss Police Standards for mantrailing-dogs (mainly SAR) since 2013 and since that point is operational

• November 2012 – INBTI Workshop

• June 2012 – Present: Beginning weekly trainings with Mantrailing-Basel



• August 2016 – Present: INBTI Instructor

• June 2016 - Second Live Find

• 2016 – Present: Member of organization responsible for training Police Mantrailing-Dogs of in Nord-West-Switzerland

• August 2015 - First Live Find • Oct 2013 – Dec 2015: Responsible for the education of Police patrol dogs

•November 2015 - INBTI Assistant Instructor

• 2011 - K9 Nestor (Bavarian Mountain Hound) SAR/Police Mantrailing K9.

• 1999 - 2015: Second K9 dog, Malinois, passed the education for Police Patrol dog; This dog stayed only for private purpose

• 1989- 19966 - First Dog, Doberman, private purpose, successful passed several obedience and protection educations (Schutzhund)


Instructor Bio/testimonial: 

Since the 1990s I was able to build my foundation concerning the educations of dogs by working with my own dogs. Since then I have also been taking part in ongoing courses through the Swiss Kennel Club. In 2011 when the Police established Mantrailing teams not only for Mantrailers but also for their patrol dogs (dual purpose) my K9 and I were one of two teams in the K9 unit.  As a member of the team I was able to bring in my knowledge, deepen my experiences and help patrol dogs build their foundations in mantrailing.  Then from Oct 2013 until Dec 2015 I was responsible for the education of the Police dogs.

INBTI / TKM demonstrate with great ease and provide comprehensible steps to build up and maintain a successful Mantrailer. This method also guarantees the ability to maintain the capability of the dog. With TKM, I am often able to give the police officers from other Counties important and necessary inputs to help them build up and maintain their dogs so they can be more successful.