Anita Keller

Anita Keller
Category: Team Europe
INBTI-Operator: Assistant Instructor
Company: SAR
training provided: mantrailing
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country: Switzerland


Anita Keller
INBTI Assistant Instructor
4107 Ettingen / Switzerland
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• Studied Vet’s assistance and worked over 14 years in Muenchenstein Basle-County
• Since 2011 re-educated to a care-giver and working at Basle-City / Home Care Institution


• June 2009 Mantrailing started with dog “Momo” at Mantrailing-Basel Tina Braun
• Participant of Seminars hosted by Mantrailing-Basel Tina Braun:
Feb. 2010 mantrailing-quality in Basle /Switzerland, Jörg Weiss - NBAS Instructor
Nov. 2010 mantrailing-quality in Basle/Switzerland, Jörg Weiss - NBAS Instructor
• Jan 2011 The whole Mantrailing-Basel Tina Braun changed to INBTI “TKM”
• Oct 2011 Seminar Westlaekenteam INBTI Instructors Andreas Vogel, Silvia Pagenkemper and Torsten Streubel in Basle / Swtzerland
• April 2012 Seminar INBTI in D-Lippstadt Instructors Andreas Vogel / Westlaekenteam and Opal Kocher INBTI USA
• November 2012 Seminar Westlaekenteam INBTI Instructors Andreas Vogel and Michaela Wegert and Torsten Streubel in Basle-Switzerland
• June 2013 3-days’ Seminar INBTI President Kevin John Kocher INBTI USA and Instructor Andreas Ebert, Germany in Basle/Switzerland
• Oct 2015 2 days’ Seminar  INBTI with Instructor Lt. Steve Stewart USA N.C. in Basle/Switzerland


• 2000-2008  crossbreed GSH x Leonberger “Kira”, education Obedience BH1
• 2008-Present crossbreed Jack Russel x Appenzell Mountain Dog “Momo”, born in 2006
• 2009-Present: weekly mantrailing training with dog “Momo” at Mantrailing-Basel 
• 2012 Trainer for beginners’ group at Mantrailing-Basel


Instructor Bio/testimonial: 

In my opinion, Mantrailing with The Kocher Method (TKM) is an amazing way to give a dog a species-appropriated occupation with a very quick progress. Because of the compound training and trainings with intensities, the dog learns fast, full of fun and doesn’t fail. The result is always positive for the dog.