Laila Skrodele

Laila Skrodele
Category: Team Europe
INBTI-Operator: Assistant Instructor
Company: SAR - Helper Latvia
training provided: Mantrailing
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country: Latvia


INTBI, Mantrailing:

Instr. Kevin Kocher, Chris Boyd, Lyubov Koshevaya.Latvia, Oct, 2013

Instr. Kevin Kocher, Lyubov Koshevaya, Andrey Mamaenko. Rus, Nov 2014

Instr. Lyubov Koshevaya, Andrey Mamaenko. Lithuania, Apr 2017

Instr. Lyubov Koshevaya, Sergey Marinchuk. Lithuania, Apr 2018

Instr. Chris Boyd, Lyubov Koshevaya, Andrey Mamaenko. Rus, Apr 2019

Instr.Chris Boyd, Andrey Mamaenko, Jurij Aleksandrov. Lithuania, Nov 2019

Certificate of Completion of professional development, “Features of training of dogs for search and indication”, St.Petersburg, Febr., March 2018

2011- Aug,2019, Head of the unite K-9, (Air Scent, HRD, Mantrailig)

2018 - now, Dog Trainer, Instructor, LKF

2020- now, Head of the unite K-9, Helper Latvia (Air Scent, HRD, Mantrailig)


         Professional Master Degree in Labour Protection;

    Master of Engineering Sciences in Mechanical Engineering                  

My testimonial of why the Kocher Method works:

Since I considered Kocher Method in 2013, I know this Method is really natural for dogs and productive.
I want continued to promote it in the environment of cynology, show good quality of dogs work as possible, using the INBTI metodology to achieve highest results and help people.