Horst Konrad

Horst Konrad
Category: Team Europe
INBTI-Operator: Assistant Instructor
Company: SAR Red Cross
training provided: Mantrailing
country: Austria


Since 2017 doghandler

Since 2021 evaluated RedCross Mantrailer

Since 2021 Assistant Instructor


Since 2017 I have been doing mantrailing according to the Kocher method with Sam, a Magyar Vizsla.
What at the beginning was only planned as a hobby and entertainment, the training and our attitude developed more and more professionally up to a certified SAR team at the Red Cross Upper Austria (Staffel VĂ–EST).
We have been a tested PSH team (person search dog) since April 2021.
I am convinced of the Kocher method because it is an instrument that can be used right from the start.
For many challenges there are always solutions that are adapted to the dog, not just for bloodhounds.
The more you read through the TKM book "The Kocher Method" and use it as a workbook, you will find new ideas and combinations for dog training up to team training.
I often refer to the book as a cookery book with a lot of recipes.
Each recipe can be adapted to your own taste, together with a certified trainer as long as you stick to the basic recipe.
A little more pepper than stated in the recipe changes personal feelings, but not the recipe.
That's why I'm sticking to the Kocher method and so I can talk to trainers and attend seminars around the world.
They all speak the same language. That simplifies communication, also for the dogs.