Gundula Czappek

Gundula Czappek
Category: Team Europe
INBTI-Operator: Instructor, Evaluator
Company: Arbeiter Samariter Bund Tirol SAR
training provided: Mantrailing
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country: Austria


Trainer Mantrailer Rescue dog squadron Samariterbund Tirol

Captain Rescue dog squadron Samariterbund Tirol

Evaluator Mantrailing

Dog handler Rescue dog squadron Samariterbund Tirol - rescue dog "Arthus"

SAR Team Austria

Volunteer EMT, team leader crisis intervention (specialty searches)



• Teacher, Pädagogische Akademie Linz

• Dispatch center Samariterbund Tirol, Quality Management, Assistant of the manager

• Volunteer EMT, team leader crisis intervention (specialty searches)


• Instructor INBTI

• Rescue dog handler rescue dog squadron of Samariterbund Tirol, examination mantrailing

• Trainer Mantrailer rescue dog squadron Samariterbund Tirol


Instructor Bio/testimonial:

As an instructor I have had the opportunity to instruct SAR organizations as well as Austrian police (districts of Tyrol, Salzburg, Carinthia, Upper Austria), SAR Ukraine and Russia, SAR Austria, SAR Switzerland, Rescue dogs Samariterbund Tirol, Kärnten and Burgenland. I had also workshops with German rescue dog handlers in Germany and Austria. Three times I had the great honour to make seminars with Kevin in Austria and Ukraine. When I was coming in contact with INBTI I learned from Robin and Kevin. I and my husband, assistant instructor Gerhard Czappek are instructing dispatch centers, police, hospitals and different SAR-teams with air scent dogs.

Through the course of my career as rescue dog handler in the rescue dog squadron of the "Samariterbund Tirol" and as an Instructor I have contributed to several successful searches to include:

Until now I have had about 100 real cases and of course a lot of "collecting information for the operations management".

Two times we could really save lifes!

One time my dog found a handicaped eight years old boy, disappeared for three hours. Really so great to find a child and giving back to his mother- uninsured!

Second time "Arthus" was running a trail about 4 kilometers starting at home through meadows, woods, streets, when the man was missed from noon the day before. The mantrailer showed the missing old man lying ten meters above in the thicket- very cold and weak but uninsured!

And of course we had a lot of missing young and old persons going into the water, committing suicide, having accidents... God bless their souls! It´s so tragic for the families, but everybody wants to know the truth.

In my opinion a mantrailers work is to find a missing person, to tell the handler car pick up, to show direction and of course NSI. And the handler must be able to tell the police a clear result of his search.

I am so happy to have the great luck learning and teaching TKM mantrailing and being a Instructor of INBTI. But I´ll never forget basics like "party for the dog" and doing intensitys and most of all loving my dog. Mantrailing TKM is a very happy part of our "normal" family life.

Thank you so much for teaching me, Kevin!