Tips for seminars

Equipment and Tips for Seminars


K-9 Teams:

  • Harnes
  • Leash, 5 to 7 meter, leather, Biothane or textile, dont use some with rubber grip
  • Collar
  • Treats for your dog
  • Toys to use with your dog to play after work
  • small bags (several Sizes) maybe with zip
  • Car kennel (dogs need mostly to stay in car between exercises)
  • Fresh water an bowl
  • Clothes for every weather (we work outdoor, so take also rain clouthes with you), also some boots for walking throug water
  • Dont feed your dog in the morning right befor start working.



  • clothes suitable in urban an rural environments, raincoat, boots for water
  • Observer are active in exercises to learn work as traillayer, reward dog and more. 
  • Learning to be a good actor is basic to be a good doghandler.





Documents for registration
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