Johnnie Walter

Johnnie Walter
Category: Team USA
INBTI-Operator: Instructor
Company: Washington DC Police
training provided: Law Enforcement, mantrailing
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country: West Virginia


Johnnie Walter

Instructor INBTI

Police K-9 Handler

Police K-9 Training Sergeant

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  • Graduated Metropolitan Police Academy 1990


  • MPD Patrol Dog Handler Certification

  • MPD Narcotics Detection K-9 Handler Certification

  • MPD Bloodhound Handler Certification

  • INBTI Certification

  • Police Motor Instructor

  • Crime Scene Technician

  • Civil Disturbance Unit Certification

  • Haz Mat Handler Certification

  • Patrol Rifle Certification

  • Special Threat Action Team Certified



  • 1990-Present:Law Enforcement Officer with Metropolitan Police Department

  • 2008-present Sergeant with the Patrol Canine Unit
  • 2004-2008 Sergeant with the Presidential Escort Unit

  • 2001- 2004 Sergeant with Crime Scene Unit

Instructor Bio/testimonial:  

Ihave been a Law Enforcement Officer for 26 years and a supervisor for 17 of the 26.  I have held many positions within the department and have the opportunity to work many high profile cases in the Nation’s Capital.    I am currently assigned as Canine Training Sergeant/Handler of a Patrol/Narcotics Detection Canine and a Bloodhound that is trained in the “Kocher Method”  for mantrailing. As the  Canine Training Sergeant   I oversee the daily operation of the unit which consists of approximately 40 K-9 teams.

When I became interested in learning scent discrimination trailing I reached out to Kevin Kocher who began teaching me the “Kocher Method” of training. I attended several of his seminars and  I worked teaching my Patrol K-9 trailing before my agency had a Bloodhound program, eventually I convinced my agency to start a Bloodhound program and I became the first Bloodhound handler since the inception of our K-9 Unit that started in 1960.  Today I continue to work as a Law Enforcement Officer with my two canine partners and train with numerous Law Enforcement Agencies in the Metropolitan Region.  I have also evaluated and certified canines for other agencies in detector, patrol and trailing.