Lyle Selzler

Lyle Selzler
Category: Team USA
INBTI-Operator: Assistant Instructor
Company: SAR
training provided: Mantrailing
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country: Texas


Lyle Selzler
Assistant Instructor INBTI
 K-9 Handler
MARK 9 SAR Organization

• English

• BS Accounting and Business Administration - Augustana Collage

• Wide Area Search FEMA
• AMPWDA Man Trailing Level III Certifiction
• 2016 - Present: INBTI Assistant Instructor
• 2016 – Present: MARK 9 SAR ORG
• 2008-2012: Search  One SAR Org

Instructor Bio/testimonial
As  member of different SAR organizations I have participated in numerous searches as both as a flanker and K-9 Handler.
I was first introduced to The Kocher Method in June 2011. At first I did not think much of the Kocher Method as it was too simplistic.  Since then my attitude toward the TKM has completely changed.
Now I am a firm believer that by keeping it simple using the TKM is the best way to develope a strong confident dog. Using the principles outlined in the TKM a handler can take simple steps   to train his/her K-9 to overcome complex issues.