Tim Elfreth

Tim Elfreth
Category: Team USA
INBTI-Operator: Instructor
Company: SAR - Keystone K9s Search and Rescue
training provided: Mantrailing
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country: Pennsylvania


Tim Elfreth

INBTI Instructor

Keystone K9s Search and Rescue

Horsham, PA



  • 2023-Present: INBTI Instructor
  • 2021-2023: INBTI Assistant Instructor
  • 2009-Present: Vice President and Canine Handler for Keystone K9s Search and Rescue
  • 1988-Present: Industrial Welder

AWARDS: INBTI Sofia Silva Life Saving Award - November 10, 2016



In the simplicity of The Kocher Method you can build a strong foundation, with a dog who is intently focused and fully dedicated to completing the trail in order to gain their much desired reward.