Ed Hajek

Ed Hajek
Category: Team USA
INBTI-Operator: Instructor, Evaluator
Company: SAR - Long Island Search and Rescue
training provided: Mantrailing
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country: New York


********* TESTIMONAL ***********


Hi Heidi and Ed,
I am not sure if you remember me or not, but, this is Sandy from Erie Pa. We met back in March 2014 in Hanover Pa. The one with the Standard Schnauzer.(that was lost for an hour?). 
Anyways first of all I want to apologizes to both of you. I am apologizing for not continuing the Kocher method. 
When I came home from the seminar, Jack (the Standard Schnauzer) and I felt like a new team with new ideas to bring to our home team. Even though I wanted to show my team what we had learned in that 3 day seminar I felt that a few of my team members didn't want to change their way. So, I slowly stopped using the Kocher method. (That's right back to my old ways). I'm sorry!
I continued on in my old ways this summer when one of my team members asked me why I wasn't training the Kocher method. I just shrugged my shoulders and didn't say anything. My team member again asked why I quite using the Kocher method. She said to me, that when Jack and I came back from Hanover, Jack was so pumped and so motivated and so was I. She said to me that this a training method that works for both of you and you should go back to it even if no one else on the team does it. In fact she will be trying some of it herself. Well, It only took a few training sessions to get back into the swing of the Kocher method.
Our Team has benchmarks. This is a timeline where we have an idea where a dog should be after a certain amount of time. In helping to write the benchmarks we have to explain how to get the trailing team to that point and what book we got this idea from so that we have a reference at the end of each benchmark. As I am putting in my 2 cents in that when we work on a turn problem (for an example) we need to keep the component short and simple so that we can work on the problem without distance and other-things added. When helping to write the benchmarks I found myself repeating the Kocher method and how true it is and easy to do.
I am hoping sometime in the future to take another Kocher seminar 
Again my apology to both of you,
Thanks for what you do,
Sandy and Jack (The Standard Schnauzer)