Jeffrey Baird

Jeffrey Baird
Category: Team USA
INBTI-Operator: Assistant Instructor
Company: SAR - Middle Creek Search and Rescue
training provided: Mantrailing
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country: Pennsylvania


Jeffrey Baird

Assistant Instructor INBTI

Middle Creek Search and Rescue



Automotive Training Center- Exton, PA  Computer and electronic diagnostic Technology

Mercedes Benz Elite factory training program

Mercedes, Volkswagen and Audi master certified auto technician

AKC CGC Evaluator

Lost Person Behavior instructor




I am a firm believer in TKM,  I started my first trailing dog at 9 weeks old via TKM, and it produced a motivated, dependable, and solid working dog.  I have seen numerous excellent dogs trained via TKM, and I have also seen performance of dogs decline when using TKM is moved away from. The method is so motivating and fun for the dogs, and from a handler perspective, using negative indications to read the dog allows the k9 and handler to communicate extremely effectively, and is also easy to use even at earlier stages of training, while continuing to build your understanding and knowledge of the method.