Patti Elfreth

Patti Elfreth
Category: Team USA
INBTI-Operator: Director of Business Affairs, Assistant Instructor
Company: SAR - Keystone K9s Search and Rescue
training provided: Mantrailing
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country: Pennsylvania


Patti Elfreth

Director of Business Affairs, Assistant Instructor INBTI

Keystone K9s Search and Rescue

Horsham, PA


  •     2019-Present: INBTI Director of Business Affairs
  • 2012-Present: INBTI Assistant Instructor
  • 2009-Present: President and Canine Handler for Keystone K9s Search and Rescue
  • 1985-Present: Process Management Specialists with a major Financial Institution.

AWARDS: INBTI Sofia Silva Life Saving Award - November 10, 2016



My husband and my initiation into Search and Rescue trailing came from several years of training our bloodhound, Clyde, using traditional tracking methods of training. During those years read numerous books and online articles in an attempt to improve handling skills and found Kevin Kocher’s original publication of ‘Read any trailing or tracking dog by understanding negative indications’ which contained great insights into reading your dog.

Headed to our first INBTI seminar with Kevin & Opal Kocher feeling confident in our abilities having been certified through a Police Working Dog Association but quickly came to the realization that although Clyde could be relied on to complete a trail, he lacked focus and discipline.

After 6 months of dedicated training using TKM, we headed to another INBTI seminar with Clyde who was now showing great energy, focus and a 20lb weight loss. The difference was night and day.  

In the simplicity of The Kocher Method you can build a strong foundation, with a dog who is intently focused and fully dedicated to completing the trail in order to gain their much desired reward.