Brian Parrish

Brian Parrish
Category: Team USA
INBTI-Operator: Instructor
Company: SAR - Hanover Hounds K9 Search and Rescue
training provided: Mantrailing
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country: Virginia



Brian Parrish

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Professional Experience / Work History / Education:
Graduated High School 1988
Graduated Electrical Apprenticeship 1995
Completion of train the trainer programs
Facilities Manager
Safety Coordinator
Training Coordinator
K9 Medic trained
Instructor/trainer for A & J training Solutions
Emergency room technician
General Manager

Brian currently serves as president of Hanover Hounds K9 Search and Rescue team. He assisted with the development of the Hanover Hounds team where he served as vice president and training officer. Brian committed to train his K9s and develop Hanover Hound team members through the Kocher Method approximately 8 years ago. He was asked several years ago to serve as an assistant instructor and currently serves as an instructor. Brian has taught several SAR (K9) classes and K9 first aid, at weekend training expos. He is an active member of East Hanover Vol Rescue Squad where he served as a training officer, equipment officer and currently is serving as the vice president, field training officer, squad leader and driver. Brian is also currently an instructor/trainer for A& J training Solutions.

My first impression of the Kocher Method started with Kevin, his ability to communicate with handlers and read K9s was amazing. Kevin had a way of explaining and highlighting important details so everyone could visualize his information. He strengthened people by offering constructive criticism in a way that gave them the confidence and the knowledge that was ssary to succeed. Kevin utilized his talent, passion and years of owledge to create a method that strengthens K9s and handlers every they train. The simplicity, but power of the Kocher Method is amazing, are able to give their handlers valuable information without saying a
word. When I started reading his book, I found it to be so interesting and easy to read, I am not a reader, but this book kept me engaged. Each chapter was written in a way that could visualize the steps while I was reading. Then I had to put the material to the test and see if these simple steps would really work. Once I saw the joy my K9's eyes when we started running intensities, I knew then I had found the right method. My K9 smiled while he was running and after the trail was over, he "pranced" and stuck out his chest, he was a proud K9. My K9 grew stronger and stronger every time we trained, it didn't matter where we were, what was around, distractions, scents, noise, he continued to commit to "one scent", he was looking for that "rabbit". I started to notice that "change in behavior", dancing that "dance" with my K9, yes then I started to develop, I truly understood what Kevin had been telling me, I was reading my K9. When you start thinking the same way your K9 is thinking, that's when you become a strong team, you will know when that happens. Its amazing that a method so simple can be so powerful, all from strengthening the K9s foundation. Today, I continue to use the Kocher Method when training people and K9s, strengthening foundations, solid praise and rewards, this sets everyone up for success.